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Is your living roof getting the care it needs?

Welcome to Eco Green Roofs, the experts in designing, installing and maintaining green roofs, to maximise the benefits for people, property and our planet.

We will give you the peace of mind that our team will work safely to maintain your roof to its full potential. Watch our video below to find out how we can bring your roof back to life.

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Opening up the green envelope.

Part of the Langley group, we are one of the UK leaders in green roof technology and green infrastructure, providing design, installation and maintenance services for:

Eco roofs

Living walls


Blue roofs

Solar and
biosolar roofs

Podium and


Review, recover, maintain.

We can restore your living roof, achieving biodiversity net gain while enhancing biodiversity on existing sites, improving water capture, energy efficiency and air quality. We can also provide guidance on Fire Regulations and Health & Safety.

Following our detailed survey to assess your needs, we’ll recommend a bespoke maintenance programme to protect and extend the life of your roof.

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Protection for Living Roofs

In this simple guide we cover common issues, benefits, protecting your investment, the bespoke support package we offer and much more.

Download for free and discover how Eco Green Roofs can help protect and maintain your living roof for both economic and environmental return.

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